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May 15, 2009


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Drew McManus

As a witness to much of the above, let me add a few of the other effects of the Morphine Pump on our melicious blogger:

- Made her the life of the party--a post-surgical party which happened to be in a hospital room. She was telling stories, making jokes, teasing people...kind of like being the most-drunk person at a get-together of non-drinkers.
- That is, it made her the life of the party apart from those brief moments after the successful use of the the pump when she would lapse out of consciousness...only to re-emerge telling the same story as if nothing had happened.
- Turned her into quite a poster child for IV narcotics. I might choose to have some elective surgery just to try the morphine!

Melissa Dyrdahl

You are making up that part about me losing consciousness.

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