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August 21, 2008


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Jenny Tinkletons

Some more creepy stuff here. There was a clip of the founder L. Ron Hubbard talking about the alien Xenu leaked to a gossip site called Gawker. This is real and kooky. It goes on for 8 minutes, but if you wanted evidence about Xenu for your researchgive it a listen (and be amazed how much loonier Scientology really is...) *eek!*


I'm suprised they didn't stalk you after they saw the camera. With the recent protests against them they have gotten a lot more paranoid.

Drew McManus

WHOA. Trippy. I've always been intrigued by Scientology. How do they get so many people to give them so much money when the whole thing seems like a big joke?

So, what video did you watch? Looks like there are many at the "Scientology Video Channel" at http://www.scientology.org/

Jenny Tinkletons

The video she watched was probably this one, where the Scientologist spokesman tells the viewer they "are perfectly free to leave and never mention Scientology again, or they can jump off a bridge or blow their brains out" (Seriously!)

The realllly kooky stuff starts at 4:00 minutes in.

Karen Talavera

Thanks for validating my lifelong bad gut feeling about Scientology. Not that I ever doubted my gut anyway, or had reason to encounter or worry about encountering these wackos. Good question, how DO they get all those people to give them so much money? Is it simple brainwashing? Is it aliens (maybe the leaders are aliens? have access to aliens? convince others they are aliens?) Is it an elitist new world order power structure disguised as a comical cult to keep the average person away? Is Katie Holmes now living in Hotel California ("you can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave")? God only knows, but one thing I know is this has to be one of the biggest scams in modern times.

As ancient wisdom tells us "nothing is wasted". Yet it boggles the mind to contemplate what purpose a group like this serves. My best guess is that like so much modern world drama and craziness, it will bring about its own demise if only to then serve as a shining example that our common sense is there for a reason. To trust it.

I hope you'll share highlights from your niece's school project report - or research - when done.

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