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July 26, 2009


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Eric Maher

This is VERY well written. You really have style.

And it's VERY funny.

Are you sure her name isn't "Brandee"?

I had heard the "sripper name" thing had to do with your first pet, and the street you grew up on. So mine would be pretty good: "Frisky Sierra."

Thanks Snowball!


Frisky Sierra is a GREAT stripper name! Miss, if you cheated, you could be "Frisky Mira Vista" and I could be your long lost stripper sister, "Snowball Mira Vista" (
I just refuse to be "Skeeter" anything, so I will go with the cat's name)


I guess that would make me "Smoky Joe Poinsettia"


Love this and lost in Melicious Details for an hour now....so fun I forgot I had to go POLE DANCING tomorrow.

Nike Air Dt Max 96

How fun! I linked to this on last weekend's weekly roundup and am just now getting around to letting you know. (I guess we were busy celebrating Easter!) Thanks so a lot for sharing!

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